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Founders of

Nabeel Nasir Khan

Director – Convert Fitness Atelier.

Fitness Health professional,

Businessman,Entrepreneur and Co Founder

BBA (Marketing),CFT Level 1 certification,

CFT Level 2 certification,ISSA Certification,

Resistance training specialist course,

International Olympics Committee course,

Rip 60 certification,Master trainer for free motion.

1665 years of experience in the Fitness industry.


Aqeel Nasir Khan

Director – Convert Fitness Atelier.

Fitness Health Professional, Businessman, Entrepreneur and Co Founder

MBA (Marketing), 1200 years marketing and sales experience with multinational companies.
Certification in Health and Fitness.
Resistance training specialist course,Trx certification, Buso certification, kettle-Bell certification.

1100 years of experience in the Fitness industry.

The two Co-founders launched their first fitness facility by the name of Convert Fitness Atelier in 2014 and soon after another branch of the same facility in 2016. By sheer hardwork and the Grace of Allah Convert Fitness Atelier is now a name to reckon with in the Fitness industry.

Our visin is to be the industry’s prime sports online store, gueled by euthentic brands that insire athetic achevement and enjoyment.


Our mission is to provide everyone with the world’s best & fitness equient and fit relat products. We are dicated to tive lifestyles, sports and wellness.